Skyview Student Retreat Policies

Here at the Ranch, we want to be able to promote a positive and safe environment for everyone who comes on to camp property, specifically when it comes to our own Skyview Ranch sponsored retreats. please make sure to read through the following articles and we ask that you and your group abide by the following terms:


Upon arrival at Skyview Ranch, your students and leaders will go through a mandatory orientation. During this orientation, Skyview Ranch staff will go over expectations for the weekend, safety procedures, and regulations that you will need to know. There will often be a separate student and leader orientation so that the leaders can get more detailed information. Please make sure to prioritize this meeting. 


Skyview Ranch does not provide supervision for retreat groups. The retreat group is responsible for providing leaders for their students during these weekends. Groups are required to bring at least one female leader and one male leader to stay in each of the cabins with campers. Leaders are required to have a background check on file at their church or with the main leader. (see more information on background checks next). Group leaders are directly responsible for the actions and behavior of their students and leaders when on camp property. 

Background checks

1. Groups are asked to verify that all adult leaders have passed a Level 1 background check (criminal and sexual offender check). This background check must have been completed within the past 2 years.
          **Groups will be asked to confirm with us that they have completed a background check for their leaders via email.
2. If you need assistance in finding a qualifying background check, our Skyview Ranch Office Staff can assist you with completing the check.
          a. Our background checks cost $10 paid to Skyview Ranch and we will run the background check for you.
3. Group Leaders are encouraged to provide training for their leaders to prevent campers and leaders from being in a one-on-one situation in private areas around camp. Please make sure that your group leaders are minimizing the interaction with other minors that are at the camp. We encourage you, as leaders, to take the weekend to focus on your own students.

Background Checks must be requested at least 7 business days before the start date of the retreat.

Activity Waivers

Before arriving to Skyview Ranch for the weekend, we require everyone to sign our Activity Waivers. The Activity Waiver is a release that allows the individual to participate in our activities here at the Ranch. Without the Activity Waiver the student will not be allowed to participate in any programmed activities at the retreat.
**If the student is under 18 years of age, the Activity Waiver requires there to be a parent/guardian signature, allowing the student to participate in these activities.
Youth Pastor’s/Leaders are encouraged to have their own medical forms just in case of an emergency at camp during the retreat.

Emergency/first aid:

Skyview Ranch does not assume responsibility for or provide health/medical services or medications for retreat groups. We suggest that each group bring a first aid kit, provide emergency transportation, and a leader that is first aid/CPR certified (not required but suggested).

There is an AED located in the office at Skyview Ranch. It is Skyview Ranch policy to call 9-1-1 for emergency response and transportation. Please call the emergency number on your schedule to alert our staff who will meet the ambulance and bring them to you.

Pomerene Emergency is 7 minutes away from Camp Property in case of an emergency.
We do offer a very limited supply of over-the-counter medications that we can offer to your group in case a student needs it as well.

special diets:

Skyview Ranch does their best to accommodate most food allergies and dietary restrictions that your students have. Upon registration you will be provided with an opportunity to communicate any dietary restrictions of your group in advance. Skyview Ranch, while doing their best to accommodate these restrictions, cannot always eliminate allergen cross-contamination. If there is concern for this, please email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call (1-866-SVR-OHIO) to discuss options. Campers and guests with food allergies and dietary restrictions participate in camp prepared meals at their own risk.


Skyview Ranch does not provide any toiletries or linens while on camp property. Campers and leaders must provide their own bed sheets, pillows, towels and toiletries for the weekend.
Bunks at Skyview Ranch are Twin to Twin XL, with one Full size bed in most cabins.

Cabin furniture: 

Skyview Ranch asks that students do not write on the bunks and after each retreat we will go through and do a graffiti check to make sure that the bunks remain in good condition.
Skyview Ranch also asks that bunks are not moved in the cabins without approval from a Skyview Ranch staff member and mattresses are not placed on the floor to ensure that there is always a safe exit from the cabin.


Groups are responsible for repairs or replacements of camp property due to abuse or negligent damage beyond that of the normal use. Charges will be invoiced accordingly following departure from the camp.
Please let a Skyview Ranch staff member know if you notice any damages during the weekend so that we can address the issue.

Specialized activities:

Skyview Ranch qualified staff will lead and supervise all programmed activities while on camp property. This includes but is not limited to Swimming, Water Slide, Low Ropes, High Adventure Elements, Zipline, Archery Tag, Paintball, Horseback Riding, Larger Group Games.
Mandatory Orientation to these activities will be given at the beginning of each. Please make sure that you show up on time to these activities so that we can instruct you fully and completely during these activities. Guests are not allowed to access or attempt independent use of these activities.


Swimming in the pond/pool is strictly prohibited by students during retreats unless a Skyview Ranch staff member is present at the pool or the pond. Please do not enter the pool area without permission from Skyview Ranch staff.
Fishing is allowed but swimming/canoeing is prohibited without a Skyview Ranch staff member present and life jackets being worn.


All vehicles must be parked in designated camp parking lots. Parking lots are provided at the Activity Center as well as the main lot by the camp office. Skyview Ranch asks that you do not drive vehicles by the cabins except to unload luggage and pack up luggage upon departure. Transportation of participants in vehicles not designed for passengers is not allowed (back of pick-up trucks, trailers, etc.). Camp vehicles, including golf carts, may only be operated by Skyview Ranch Staff unless specific permission has been given by Skyview Ranch. 


No weapons are allowed on camp premises without prior consent from the camp. Weapons are defined as firearms and knives with a blade longer than 3 inches.
Exceptions are made for Ladies and Men’s Retreat. Weapons must be kept empty and stored in the trunk of the vehicle until the time of use. The weapons must be promptly returned to vehicles after their designated range time and remain there for the rest of the retreat.


No pets are allowed at Skyview Ranch. If you have questions about service animals, please call our office to discuss options. Call 1-866-SVR-OHIO. 


Tobacco products, alcohol, and illegal drugs are not permitted at Skyview Ranch. 

Lost & Found:

Skyview Ranch will hold any found items for two weeks after the conclusion of the retreat weekend. After two weeks Skyview Ranch reserves the right to donate any lost and found items not recovered to local thrift shops and ministries.
If you lost something while at camp, please contact our office by emailing or calling with the name of the item and description.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Call: 1-866-SVR-OHIO

Release to use images and likeness:

Skyview Ranch, during retreats will take photographs, videos, and recordings to memorialize the retreat. By signing the Activity Waiver, you are consenting to and permitting the photos to be used by Skyview Ranch for any purpose, including but not limited to marketing, promotional or educational purposes whether electronic or print. (Please see the Activity Waiver for more information). 

Dress code:

Please be aware that there are other youth groups on property. We request that all clothing is modest, but we will leave specific dress code enforcement to fall on the youth leaders coming with the students.