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Wildwood Chapel

The Wildwood Chapel facility gets its name from its beautiful surroundings. Pine, oak, and maple trees surround the chapel building on all sides. When worship bands aren't playing, you can hear the quiet sounds of crickets and birds outside, making this an awesome location for groups that want a quiet place near the outdoors.

The Wildwood Chapel has recently undergone a series of major renovations, and can comfortably seat up to 150 people. The Wildwood Chapel comes equipped with a projector, stage risers and an audio system, along with a DVD player and A/V hookups for a laptop. Groups not only use the Wildwood Chapel for devotional and chapel times, but also use the chapel as a place to play games and participate in breakout sessions.


  • Projector and Screen
  • 12 channel board
  • 12 channel snake
  • Audio cables and accessories as needed
  • Mobile Stage Risers
  • A/V Hookups
  • DVD Player

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