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We are so excited to have your child come to Skyview Ranch this summer.  We are sure that they will have a great time of fun and fellowship while learning about our Lord Jesus Christ.  We want to help you understand, how Skyview works so that you can prepare your child for a great time here at the Ranch.

Registration Deposit

A $100 deposit is required with all summer camp registrations to hold your child's spot at Skyview this coming summer. Skyview Ranch can not reserve your child's place at camp until this amount is received, either online, by phone or by mail. Need to make a payment online seperate from a registration? You may do that at our Online Payment Page.

What to Bring: Residential Camp (Junior, Pioneer, Jr. High, Equine, Sr. High, Scuba, Worship, and Aviation)

Bible, pen, notebook, warm bedding – including a sleeping bag, clothes for activities in cool and rainy weather, shoes to get wet (If possible, please mark camper’s name on clothing), modest one piece swimming suit, toiletry items, towels, disposable camera, flashlight, pair of jeans and closed-toed shoes for horseback riding, and money for Ranch Store.

What to Bring: Day Camp

Please send your camper to camp with the following items: Backpack, One Piece Swim suit, beach towel, water bottle, sunscreen, Bible, Running Shoes and a change of clothes.

What to Keep at Home:

In order to preserve the “get away” atmosphere, we ask that you do not bring Media Devices (MP3 Players, Nintendo DS, iPods, etc.), fireworks, tobacco, magazines, or weapons.

Clothing Standards:

Skyview Ranch is a Christian camp and we strive to be Christ honoring in our dress. Rule of Thumb:

Clothing that is a frame for your face is pleasing to God.
Clothing that is a frame for your body is displeasing to God.

Shorts and skirts must be of modest length (at least mid-thigh) and shirts of modest cuts and styles (Please no spaghetti straps, halter tops, or tops that show midriff).  Please refrain from extremely tight and/or short clothing. Swimwear should be boxer style trunks for guys and one-piece (non-white) suits for girls. Skyview Ranch Counselors reserve the right to request immodest clothing to be changed.

Registration: Residential Camp (Junior, Pioneer, Jr. High, Equine, Sr. High, Scuba, Worship, and Aviation)

Registration is Monday 10:00AM through 12:00PM.  A small lunch for parents/guardians will be available outside during registration.

Registration: Day Camp

Day camp registration begins is at 8:00AM on Monday. Dropoff is at 8:00 everyday, Monday through Friday.

Registration: Mini Camp

Day camp registration begin at 11:00AM on Mondays and Thursdays.

Online Payment

Parents can pay online for camp anytime day or night. Skyview Ranch uses two levels of protection to make sure your financial details are kept safe. All financial details are encrypted by 128-bit SSL security as they are entered and transmitted through the form ( manages Skyview Ranch's forms), and then these details are redundantly protected by Paypal. Review Wufoo's security policies here: and Paypal's security policies here:;content_ID=security/buyer_protection

Lost and Found:

We recommend that all of your child’s property be marked with their name. Lost and Found articles must be claimed within two weeks of departure.  Unclaimed items will be donated to a local non-profit thrift store.


Summer Camp Deposit of $100 is non-refundable. However, it is transferable to any non-registered camper for the summer.

Monday Registration Reminders:

Please have the following completed forms at registration:

Extra Money:

Extra money is needed for these options:  Ranch Store, gift shop (t-shirts & sweatshirts $12-$30), and camp offering. Sr. High may want to bring money for paintball (initial paint is provided).


We provide a Skyview Bank Account for certain weeks throughout the summer to cut down on money being lost or misplaced. Your camper should bring their money with them to registration and open their account at that time. One designated time each day, they will then be able to withdraw money for that day’s use. 

Bank is required for Junior Campers and optional for Pioneer, Equine, and Junior High campers. 

Early Dismissals:

If you must pick up your child during the week for an appointment or withdraw them before Saturday morning, an early dismissal note is required.  Please bring an early dismissal note with you to Monday registration stating the date and time your child is be picked up and returned (if applicable).  For your convenience, a form can be provided upon request by the Office Registrar.


We have an infirmary staffed by a Health Officer 24 hours a day.  The infirmary stocks first-aid supplies and over-the-counter medications.  If your child needs to bring other medication, please complete the necessary information on the Medical Form.  Bring the form and medication with you to registration.

Medications must be in their original containers, or the nurse will not be permitted to administer them to your child.

Cabin Buddies:

We make every effort to pair all campers with their requested cabin buddies.  Cabin buddy requests should be no larger than three campers per group in order to provide the best camping experience possible while promoting new friendships.  Cabin buddies must be requested prior to registration day in effort to make registration as efficient as possible.

Friends and Age Groups:

A question we often get at Skyview Ranch is about the structuring of age groups. Normally, campers decide the camp program they are attending based on the grade they will be attending the following school year (example: your son who is in 8th grade is going into 9th, so he will attend Sr. High Camp). Sometimes friends who would normally be cabin buddies are entering different grades that place them in different programs. In these cases, we suggest registering both campers for the younger program. This works for grades that are right on the line (7th graders who could attend Jr. High or Pioneer/Junior, or 9th graders that could attend Jr. High or Sr. High camp, for example). If in doubt, please call the Ranch at 330-674-7511, or send us a message.

Free T-shirt

If you bring a friend to Skyview who has never gone to summer camp at Skyview before, you and your friend will receive a free T-shirt. When your camper and their friend arrive on Monday morning for registration, visit the Ranch store located in the Lodge, and they may pickup their special free T-shirt there.


If there is a need for a hospital visit, Skyview holds secondary insurance over any other valid and collectible insurance of the injured person.

Web Cam:

Don’t forget to click on the WebCam!  You’ll be able to watch your camper’s meals, chapels, and other special activities that are going on in the Dining Hall Facility!


Campers love to receive letters, packages and email! Please be sure to include a Return Address!

Mailing Address:

Camper’s Name, Cabin (if known), Camp Week
Skyview Ranch
7241 Township Road 319, Millersburg, OH 44654

Email Your Camper:

Please visit our website at and click on the “E-mail your Camper” button. You will be able to email your camper for free and let them know you are thinking of them throughout the week!


Due to the volume of normal camp business, we would ask that you not telephone for your camper except in case of an emergency.  Campers are not permitted to use the phone unless given permission by the Executive Director. Be assured that the camp office will call you in the event of illness, extreme homesickness or an accident.

Check Out Time: Residential Camp (Junior, Pioneer, Jr. High, Sr. High, Scuba, Worship, and Aviation)

You may pick up your child at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. Be sure your camper clearly understands who will be picking them up.

We would like each camper to say “good-bye” to his/ her counselor before leaving on Saturday.  The counselor would like to meet you or the person picking up your child.  Each counselor will have a Sign-Out Form (which is previously completed by the parent/guardian) for the person picking up the child to sign.  This will provide counselors with one last contact with you and your camper.

Check Out Time: Day Camp

Day camp ends everyday at 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

While your child is away. . .

Enjoy the quiet and pray for your camper.  Prayer will make a significant impact on your child’s week of camp.  Pray for their counselor and the speaker for the week.  Pray for spiritual goals in relationship to your child’s needs, health and safety.

When your child comes home. . .

Ask about their week and just listen.  Your interest in their week of camp is very important to them.  Help reinforce any decisions made during the week.  Help in highlighting the spiritual lessons they’ve learned.

For Church and Pastoral Staff:

One of the most valuable parts of camping at Skyview Ranch, and Christian Camping as a whole, is the ability to take campers away from a place of comfort and routine, into a place where God can speak to them and change them from the inside out. Campers are often able to share with, and learn from, their counselor in ways they could never accomplish at home. For this reason, we ask that church staff choose a role of support from home for this brief period of 5 days. Please pray for your campers, that they would be challenged in their faith, and make important spiritual decisions. Send your campers emails, letting them know that you are thinking and praying for them often. When your campers return, ask them about their week, and the experiences that challenged them. Within a few weeks of their visit, you will receive a brief report written by their counselor detailing that camper’s week and any spiritual decisions they may have made. You can use this to continue the growth that was begun while at camp.

Skyview Ranch
7241 Township Road 319
Millersburg, OH 44654
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