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2017 Jan Prayer Focus Summer Staff

They are the top of the top, the cream of the crop. They are the Skyview Ranch Summer Team. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for people, a passion for God and a passion to be used by God. If this is you, read on!

To work at Skyview in Summer 2017, you must be at least 16 years old. Be sure to fill out an application and get all of your references in as soon as possible, as most of our positions are filled by February or early March. Apply Online Today.

Interested in volunteering this next summer? Learn about our summer volunteer positions.

Here are the summer staff positions we need to fill this coming summer:

Summer Staff Positions

Program Directors

Grit Hogs or Grounds Crew
Maintence Crew
Kitchen Staff
Cleaning Crew
Ranch Store Manager

Program Directors
Skyview's program directors are the kings and queens of fun, as they lead each of the camp age groups throughout the week, from chapel sessions to giant camp games and Ranch songs. They are responsible for putting together schedules each week, facilitating games like Capture the Flag, and supporting the counseling staff wherever and however needed.


One of the most enduring strengths of Skyview's ministry is its team of counselors. Counselors stay with their campers 24 hours a day, from Monday morning through Saturday morning. They lead their cabin of 10 - 12 students on activities like swimming, archery, high adventure, paintball and more. But counseling isn't just about knowing how to string a bow. Counselors connect with campers to help guide them through the Word of God, and hopefully, guide them to a closer relationship with Christ. Do you have a passion to see campers come to Christ? Do you want to make a difference in young lives? Fill out an application today!


One of the best parts about Skyview Ranch is its horses, all 32 of them. Wranglers work directly with campers as they instruct campers on the safest way to ride a horse, and show campers around the property on fun trail rides. Wranglers also keep our horse herd healthy by brushing and cleaning the horses, keeping the stable clean, feeding and watering the horses. If you love horses and have experience working around them, we would love to hear from you.


With activities like lake time, the Blob, the Super Slide, the Water Trampoline, the Iceberg and Paddle Boating, we place a lot of value on water safety. Our life guard team is in charge of keeping all these fun activities safe. To be a Life Guard, you need to be officially certified prior to staff training, have great observation skills and be able to stay focused on safety for long periods of time.


Ground Crew "Grithogs"
Grit-what? That's a common reaction to this name for the guys who keep Skyview running on all eight cylinders. Whether it's mowing the lawns, baling hay, cleaning bathrooms or loading luggage, these guys are responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of Skyview Ranch. If you've ever had the urge to drive a tractor or enjoy the smell of diesel fuel, this summer staff position might be for you.


Maintenance Crew
The Ranch operates with help from equipment like lawnmowers, weedeaters, chainsaws, trucks and tractors. The maintenance crew helps keep all this machinery and other technical aspects of the Ranch up and running all summer long. The maintenance crew will work closely with the Maintenance Director as they get to know Skyview's every nook and cranny in their pursuit of keeping everything working to the glory of God.


Kitchen Staff
If you are a fan of food, then you'd be a fan of the kitchen staff. They keep the tasty food coming, the dishes clean and the fountain machine flowing at all times to make sure campers stay properly fed, hydrated and happy all camp week long. This job is for those who take great joy in making people smile through the ministry of food and fellowship. A great attitude is a plus!


Cleaning Crew
There's a familiar saying at Skyview. We like to keep everything mom-clean and mom-safe. The Cleaning Crew is responsible for making sure bathrooms stay clean and floors stay dust free. If you have a passion for keeping things tidy, make sure to apply today.


Media Team
Memories can be tricky things. When you leave camp, you can't stop thinking and talking about it. Within a few weeks though, you start to forget names and faces. This is where the Media Team comes to the rescue. Aside from running audio and video for chapel sessions, the Media Team is also in charge of putting together high quality DVDs and online photo albums for campers. Media Staff are on the go at all times, taking pictures and capturing video. Enjoy producing great photos and video? Love learning? You may be a good fit for this job.


Office Team
Office staff are so important to the efficient running of the camp. Office staff will assist the Office Manager with processing camper registrations, assist during Monday morning check-in, give campers their letters and emails from home, and assist with Ranch mailings. This job is great for someone who pays great attention to detail.


Ranch Store Manager
Where do campers find cool Skyview gear and refreshments at the same time? The Ranch Store! The Ranch Store Manager is responsible for all sales from Ring Pops to water bottles to the latest SVR t-shirt. If you're organized, responsible, and have an eye for merchandise, we'd love to have you!

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