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Apprenticeship Program

The apprenticeship program is here to provide a hands-on learning experience in a Christian camp ministry environment while providing both Biblical discipleship and leadership training. This 12-month program provides an experience that is both structured and intentional for each individual and provides an environment for learning designed to equip for spiritual development and growth, ministry awareness, and specifically Christian camp ministry readiness. Each apprentice is hired to serve and work in their specific area for training, but with the understanding that ALL apprentices will be required at times to help out with a variety of events, teaching, cleaning, setting up/tearing down, moving and lifting items, and more.

Apprentice positions we are seeking to fill will serve under department leaders in the following areas:

Programming (2 Apprentices) One position filled, one open
Kitchen/Food Services (2 Apprentices) One position filled, one open
Equine (1 Apprentice) Filled
Maintenance (1 Apprentice)
Media/Marketing (1 Apprentice)
Guest Services (1 Apprentice)

Start Date - August 3, 2019
Check-in day for housing assignment and orientation will be determined upon hire.

End Date - August 8, 2020
Check out on Saturday, Aug. 8 to head home.

The program is made up of 5 major components.

Professional: AED/CPR/First Aid training, educational opportunities, book reading & study, help with resume writing, certification in your area of training (2020), leadership training, college credit through Clarks Summit University, skills/training taught and practiced in your area of specialty, accountability, and more.

Spiritual: Occasional dinner at directors' homes, worship opportunities to attend a local church, servanthood training, mission trip in the Spring of 2020, daily all-staff devotions at staff meetings, off-site Bible studies at local churches, spiritual formation/book reading, attending conferences, & being Jesus to each other & guests.

Leadership Skills: Provide opportunities to teach/lead and promote SVR at area churches - youth groups - Christian colleges, training at area conferences, putting into practice your skills at the spring mission trip, leading devotions/prayer at staff meetings, leading all-staff meetings, fall staff leadership retreat in eastern Ohio, and more.

Life Skills: Learning expectations of you as a young adult, skills in laundry/meals/budgeting, developing healthy respect for people-SVR property-your home, training for basic SVR skills IE: use of equipment, email, internet, SVR systems, policies/procedures, cleaning, days off, work ethic, and periods of long hours of work and times to rest.

Mentorship: You are investing your time here, and the staff will be devoting a tremendous amount of time pouring into you while serving. We hope to make you into a true Disciple of Christ, being intentional with your service here, and providing you with one-on-one mentors.



If you are interested in the apprenticeship ministry program, please read through the SVR Apprenticeship Program Manual (PDF), reviewing this document, and spending time in prayer seeking out the wisdom of the Lord about your desire to serve a full year in ministry here at Skyview Ranch.

After going through this process, you are feeling led to pursue this ministry opportunity, then please fill out the SVR Apprentice Program Application, along with sending off the necessary reference forms.  We look forward to hearing from you this summer as we are seeking out the Lord on our end on who He has in store for us to serve with a glad heart, and come prepared to work diligently with a servants heart for Jesus!  Lord bless you as you seek out HIS will for your life in 2019-2020.


Skyview Ranch
7241 Township Road 319
Millersburg, OH 44654

Important Forms and Documents:
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Download this file (2019-2020 Apprenticeship Program brochure.pdf)2019-2020 Apprenticeship Program brochure.pdf 10669 Kb
Download this file (SVR Apprentice Program - APPLICATION.pdf)SVR Apprentice Program - APPLICATION.pdf 113 Kb

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