Summer staff & Volunteer positions

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Christian Camp ministry provides a unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus! From counseling positions to support staff roles, Skyview has a position just for you!

SVR Summer Staff must be at least 16 years old and Summer Volunteers must be at least 14 years old. Be sure to fill out an application and get all of your references in as soon as possible, as most of our positions are filled by February or early March. Please consider joining our summer team!

Below is a list of Summer Positions we are looking to fill for this summer.

Skyview also offers a 12-month apprenticeship program for individuals who have completed high school. To learn more about our Apprenticeship Program, click here!


Counselors embody strong role models that lead and mentor summer campers assigned weekly to their cabin, which usually ranges from 6-12 campers. As leaders of a cabin each week, they will experience eight weeks of summer camp and are responsible for facilitating campers aging from 1st-3rd grade, 4th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade, and 9th grade-recent high school graduates depending on program assignment. Activities such as swimming, archery, high adventure, paintball, team games, and chapel services with worship, compelling messages, and more offer a unique way to show campers the love of Christ and teach strong, Biblical values. As spiritual mentors, counselors will use the Word and their testimony to disciple youth of various ages with how God loves everyone, giving us grace, truth, and salvation. Those who take on this summer camp role are essential to cultivating spiritual fruitfulness in the next generation here at Skyview Ranch! Counselors report to our Director of Programming and collaborate with Summer Program Directors as needed.


Program Directors (PDs) are the architects of fun here at Skyview Ranch; they lead each age group throughout the week with daily chapel introductions to giant camp games and Ranch songs! They are responsible for assembling their designated program’s schedule and facilitating group games. As part of the Summer Leadership Team, PDs will also support the counseling staff throughout each week as needed, working alongside our Director of Programming to create dynamic, exciting, and Christ-filled summer camp programs.


Skyview Ranch is well-known for its abundant herd of horses, and summer camp wranglers are the experts who know how to care for them! We offer trail rides and equine experiences during normal weekly operations, so it is crucial to have a team of individuals—led by our Lead Wrangler and Equine Director—to properly care for the horses and provide fun, safe experiences for our campers. Wranglers will be responsible for feeding, watering, brushing, cleaning, and facilitating riding opportunities for all ages and lessons for Equine Campers during their designated weeks. They will also maintain and clean the stable as needed. Summer staff in wrangler positions will interact with both horses and youth daily.


With two awesome opportunities for campers to experience swimming and water activities, we need certified lifeguards to make sure our pool and pond are safe and fun environments! Lifeguards maintain pool operations and pond inflatables/activities. They are responsible for preventing incidents as well as responding to them first-hand. Also, lifeguards are the only summer staff to get a proper tan. This team reports to our Guest Services Director.

maintenance crew

Who keeps the mechanical side of camp up and running? The Maintenance Crew does! All the machinery, including lawnmowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, trucks, and tractors factor into a week’s work at Skyview Ranch for this team; when camp equipment needs fixed or requires special operation, it’s their responsibility. Summer maintenance staff work directly under the Maintenance Director.


Our “Grit-Hogs” make up the Grounds Crew, and with 175-acres of camp property, there’s plenty of work to go around! Mowing lawns and baling hay are just a glimpse of the kind of work they’ll be getting into, and they can’t be afraid of a little dirt. Okay… a lot of dirt. Grit-Hogs are also responsible for loading campers’ luggage the first and last day of each week of camp, and occasionally called upon to clean bathrooms or drive a tractor. They ensure a smooth and efficient behind-the-scenes operation under the direction of the Property Director that enhances the campers’ experience at Skyview Ranch.

kitchen crew

Everyone needs to eat, especially over 1,500 campers throughout the summer at Skyview Ranch and our awesome summer team! That is why we have numerous Kitchen Staff positions available each year to meet this tremendous need. Kitchen Staff assist in prepping food daily, serving the meals, and are responsible for cleaning dishes and dining hall turnover between meals. Keeping the kitchen and dining hall a clean, joyful atmosphere with great attitudes is essential. Our kitchen ministry is led by our Food Services Director.

ranch store & Housekeeping assistant

Our Ranch Store & Housekeeping Assistant should value keeping things “squeaky-clean” and organized. This individual will have responsibilities to help maintain cleanliness of our facilities, such as bathrooms, floors, and more around camp. Restocking bathroom supplies, cleaning windows, and being on-call for indoor spills and other mishaps are also part of the job. They will also help with running the Ranch Store throughout the summer handling purchases, managing merchandise items and store snacks. This role reports to our Ranch Store & Housekeeping Manager. 


Skyview’s media team thrives on creativity, technical skill, teamwork, collaboration, and time management. It provides tech savvy and creative individuals a chance to expand their portfolio and sharpen their skills. With a sweet camera arsenal and quality editing software, our Media Specialists can capture and create excellent photo and video content under supervision of our Director of Marketing. This team is also responsible for AV needs, especially for chapel services and programmed events. Daily photo uploads and weekly highlight videos are the primary responsibilities. Media Specialists are keen on engaging campers from behind the camera to establish a friendly, approachable relationship. Summer camp provides a unique atmosphere through its many programs that boasts incredible photo and video opportunities! Experience with DSLR cameras and Adobe Premiere is a huge plus. 


Office Staff are critical to making camp run when no one is watching. They will assist with processing camper registrations and Monday morning check-in. This team is also responsible for delivering letters/emails to campers from home as well as putting together Ranch mailings. To work in the office requires an eye for detail, an affinity for spreadsheets, and a knack for fielding phone calls. Our Office Staff are managed by Skyview’s Administrative Director.


With all our amazing support staff and volunteers comes the head of the pack: Support Staff Supervisor! This role requires strong leadership abilities, capable of delegating both fun and accountability. Responsibilities include overseeing all support staff outside of departmental needs (primarily in the evenings), assigning support staff members to summer program needs, and supervising underage support staff members on the weekends. They will also organize weekend opportunities for support staff to enjoy. The Support Staff Supervisor will assist in leading orientation for new volunteers on a weekly basis prior to the start of that week’s programs. When not supervising support staff, Support Staff Supervisor assists with other summer camp responsibilities as needed by our Guest Services Director.

*Must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver’s license by the start of staff training in May.


Camp is a fun and exciting experience for all! Our Health Officer is responsible for administering medicinal needs (prescription/over-the-counter) and providing expert first aid response for both minor and serious injuries each week so campers and staff can keep on having a great time. This position requires someone excellent skills in organization, written and verbal communication, and enjoys working closely with youth of all ages. They will document or acquire reports of all incidents requiring treatment. The Health Officer, supervised by our Administrative Director, should be confident and trustworthy, working towards or having earned a degree in the medical field.

*Must be prepared for exposure to blood, vomit, and cooperating with medical professionals in case of minor and/or serious incidents.

summer camp volunteers (Ages 14+)

Along with our paid positions, Skyview Ranch also has volunteer opportunities! Volunteers can serve for one week, two, or more throughout the summer to help all around or be stationed with a specific department, such as Maintenance, Property, Kitchen, Equine, Media, Office Cleaning, Ranch Store, Counseling,* Programming,* Lifeguard,* and Health Office.*

The ministry of SVR depends on volunteers all summer long. Our volunteer program offers a great chance for high school students fourteen year old and up to attain hours upon hours of service, which can be applied towards National Honor Society, college scholarship applications, and more. For volunteers 18 and older, it is an impacting way to get involved with the Ranch to see lives get changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and experience summer camp ministry in full. We would love to have you with us!

*Must fulfill specific prerequisites for Counseling, Programming, Lifeguard, and Health Office volunteers roles. Please contact SVR in advance to arrange volunteering in one of these positions. 

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